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The leading low floor buses for sale across the marketplace provide stable performance and improved accessibility to passengers. They can ensure transit companies meet the full range of demands from their ridership and can support effective performance for years to come. Here at Creative Bus Sales, we’re committed to offering world-class low floor buses at reduced market pricing. Our team has the experience and the technical understanding to guide transit firm owners in selecting their ideal option.


ARBOC Spirit of Freedom

The ARBOC Spirit of Freedom Low floor bus is the ideal transit option to support the needs of riders of all abilities. The vehicle has a wheelchair capacity of up to 8 passengers and is designed harnessing the highest quality modern safety technology. In addition to offering room for 8 wheelchairs, the bus is designed to support a comfortable ride for 23 passengers in theater-style seating. The vehicle is built with a steel cage construction for optimal safety performance and features e-coat paint to limit corrosion. It’s the ultimate high performance, high value option for the forward-thinking operator.

ARBOC Spirit of Mobility

The ARBOC Spirit of Mobility Low Floor Bus is engineered to support the travel requirements of passengers in wheelchairs and scooters. The bus offers an ultra-wide 39-inch door opening with theater seating that assures optimal viewing angles for each passenger. A leading advantage of the ARBOC Spirit of Mobility is its kneeling feature, which ensures passengers can enter the vehicle at less than 5 inches from the curb without the need for the driver to deploy the ramp. With a 6.0L engine and 4-wheel ABS, the ARBOC Spirit of Mobility combines performance with safety to set the standards within the low floor bus marketplace.

ARBOC Spirit of Independence

Built on the fuel-efficient RAM ProStar chassis, the ARBOC Spirit of Independence offers operators a low-cost alternative to traditional low floor buses for sale. The vehicle is designed with an available passenger capacity of up to 12 ambulatory passengers or 3 wheelchairs and is ideal for range of transit demands. One of the leading benefits of ARBOC Spirit of Independence low floor buses is its superior headroom and large passenger windows. Operators will also benefit from the vehicle’s 3.6L V6 engine and OEM heated mirrors. It’s a vehicle designed for the utmost safety and reliable efficiency.


Our team here at Creative Bus Sales is available around the clock to answer questions and guide buyers on the leading low floor buses for sale. To discover more on our catalogue, please call today at 844.553.8129 or visit our online form.


Low Floor Buses

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