June 28th 2009 marked an historic moment for the electric car movement. In Honor of Michael Jackson, artists/activists Jimmy Jean Louis, Raz B and Fonzworth Bentley chose to arrive at the 2009 BET Awards in electric cars instead of gas guzzling limousines.


While thousands of excited fans were lined up outside the Shrine Auditorium waiting to see their favorite stars get out of their black limousines, wave and walk down the red carpet, something disruptive happened. Out of nowhere, three chauffeured GEM electric cars showed up with celebrities Jimmy Jean Louis, Raz B (B2K) and Fonzworth Bentley. Perfectly timed, Jimmy Jean Louis and Raz B jumped into the driver and passenger seat of one the Electric Vehicles, sped through the secured barricades, did a complete u-turn and drove to the opposite side of the street where the shocked and screaming fans were. The fans were in disbelief and screaming at the top of their lungs. Suddenly Jimmy and Raz B stopped the EV in front of the hysterical fans, jumped out the EV and began running up and down the street shaking hands, giving high fives, signing autographs and telling devoted fans about going purple and green with the electric car movement. Jimmy Jean and Raz B jumped back into their EV and returned to the red carpet for interviews where they talked about why they drove EVs in support of Michael Jackson.

This publicity stunt and electric car initiative was part of the 2009 BET Award Pre-show dubbed "Heal the World EV". Heal The World EV was envisioned, organized and produced by Artists Plug In for the 2009 BET Award Show. The GEM electric cars were donated by local dealer, Creative Bus Sales.

"Artists Plug In" is a recent start-up entertainment company that specializes in creating visionary events, ground-breaking models, history making moments and revolutionary strategies that guarantee the future and sustainability of the electric car. Artists Plug In is a subsidiary of parent company 3Kingdoms Entertainment LLC

Creative Bus Sales is a dealer of GEM electric cars and many other environmentally friendly, fuel efficient buses and electric vehicles. Creative Bus Sales is headquartered in Chino, CA.

How Did We Make EV History?

200 days after the election of President Barack Obama and 3 days after the death of Michael Jackson, three electric cars drove up to the red carpet of America's number one urban music award show. Aside from this historic moment being the first time that millions of urban viewers have ever seen, witnessed or heard of an electric car; no internationally aired award show in the U.S. has ever had three electric cars roll up to their red carpet to drop off celebrities.

The electric cars were provided by Global Electric Motorcars, a Chrysler company. GEM battery-electric vehicles not only represent a relatively new vehicle in an emerging market segment, but also a new and growing brand within the Chrysler family.


Heal the World EV - Artists Plug In - 2009 BET Awards