December 18, 2013 - Creative Bus Sales signed an exclusive contract with Meridian Specialty Vehicles to offer Meridian Sprinter upfit shuttle buses. Supported by a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, these vans provide a strong return on investment for fleet users with 18 MPG. Interior options include high capacity, hotel, or airport shuttle seating upfits available with rear and side-load paratransit configurations. Meridian vehicles are fully-FMVSS-compliant and have a variety of standard options. 

Creative will focus on serving customers in California, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico areas. Units will be available directly from Creative beginning early 2014. The new Meridian line of vehicles will add to Creative’s growing line of limo and luxury vehicles that includes Krystal Koach, Federal Coach, and Starcraft Executive models. 

Meridian has recently introduced its new shuttle bus division after crafting custom specialty vehicles of all types for first responder and government clients for nearly 20 years. As a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Approved Upfitter, Meridian is dedicated to providing first in class shuttle and paratransit buses to their customers and partners. Learn More 

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