Chino, CA - Alternative Fuel Converter Creative Bus Sales (CBS) and its affiliate Green Alternative Systems (GAS) have entered into an exclusive purchasing agreement with BAF Corporation. Under the agreement BAF has granted CBS and GAS exclusive rights to purchase and install their CAL Comp CNG Engine Systems. This agreement was entered into to ensure the highest quality CNG upfits are provided to the transit bus market. Given the complexity, exacting contractual and testing requirements associated with publicly funded transit bus procurements. 

The agreement gives Transit agencies, bus manufacturers and bus dealers throughout the country the choice to have their upfits performed at one of three facilities; Creative's Chino, CA conversion facility, Green Alternative Systems Elkhart, IN facility or BAF's Dallas, TX location. BAF will continue to offer turnkey CNG upfits from their Dallas facility for all markets including transit. 

"We are most pleased to announce this agreement with BAF, a leader in the CNG industry and valued partner. Creative Bus Sales is committed to the alternative fuel industry and has made a significant investment in the industry. The recently announced opening of our Elkhart operation demonstrates our level of commitment. We are also extremely proud that our expansion in the industry was 100% internally funded and did not utilize any public or taxpayer funds," said President Tony Matijevich. 

ABOUT CREATIVE BUS SALES - Creative Bus Sales designs, converts and installs dedicated CNG and Propane fuel systems for buses, vans and autos. All CNG and Propane conversions strictly adhere to NFPA 52 standards and Title 13. Creative Bus Sales is the largest commercial bus dealership in the country, offering products from 12 of the largest school and commercial bus manufacturers. CBS has multiple locations throughout the United States. 

T.J. Matijevich
Creative Bus Sales