Creative Bus Sales News- Creative Bus Sales is excited to be working with Trinidad, CO City Council to build a new trolley. Trinidad city’s lodger’s tax supports the board’s efforts to promote tourism in Trinidad and we’re excited to help update this 35 year old tradition. Jonathan Taylor, the city’s Director of Economic Development, then summed a list of the city’s tourism goals for 2017, with the new Trinidad Trolley as a prominent part of the picture. Taylor said the new trolley would provide more safety features and creature comforts than the current trolley. Cy Michaels, chairperson of the city’s tourism board supported this effort. The trinidad trolley has been one of the symbols of the City of Trinidad for the past 35 years,” Michaels said. “Surely it’s been our best tourism symbol since people can’t go on top of Fisher’s Peak. The last trolley that was purchased for the city was a used trolley purchased about 13 or 14 years ago. The new trolley will have four slip-down screens to educate guests about any upcoming events, things to do, our history.


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