Navistar International, WARRENVILLE, Ill. (May 14, 2009) -- announced its $10 million award from the U.S. Energy Department to build plug-in electric hybrid school buses.

Navistar will work to develop the company's current plug-in hybrid bus into a vehicle capable of all-electric drive for extended periods. The company says the money will cover half of the total projected cost to develop and deploy 60 plug-in electric hybrid buses to fleets across the nation.

"Navistar is proud to work with the Department of Energy on a project that will help reduce fuel consumption and emissions while reducing the country's dependence on foreign oil," says Navistar chairman and CEO Daniel C. Ustian. "By using plug-in electric vehicle technology in school buses, we have the privilege and opportunity to allow a generation of U.S. children to grow up with the expectation that, as part of their everyday commute to school, electric transportation is a reality."

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